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Advanced Santizing Hand Wash 500 ml - Aqua Fresh

Pro-tip: Did you know? Cornells Wellness Disinfectant Spray & Hand Sanitizer Spray can be used to safely disinfect currency notes. It is recommended to opt for contact less payment methods during these difficult times but even in today’s tech-savvy world, we do come across hard cash. So, don’t worry about loose change, Cornells Wellness, the top hand sanitizer company in UAE, offers disinfectant sprays as well to keep you protected from illnesses.

The entire collection of hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays & other hygiene-related products is available in all pharmacies & major stores across UAE. All Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Sprays products are rigorously tested, lab-certified and acknowledged international testing organizations.

Cornells Wellness disinfectant spray gets rid of 99.99% of all germs & viruses. The 70% IPA alcohol present in Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectant Sprays ensure that all harmful & disease-causing bodies are killed. Try not to soak the currency note so much, but make sure that the sprays reach to the entire surface area of the note and make it slightly moist. It is recommended to repeat the process on individual notes. When you are done spraying Cornells Wellness disinfectant spray on the currency notes, you can use Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizers to maintain health & hygiene for your hands as well as it contains moisturizers & Vitamin E to leave your hands feeling fresh, clean & comforting.

While disinfecting currency notes or coins, please avoid using home remedies that may be dangerous and illegal, like microwaving notes, etc. Using sanitizers & disinfectant sprays, like the ones Cornells Wellness offers is the most effective & safest method to keep yourself & your family safe from mishaps. All Cornells Wellness products follow strict international safety guidelines and maintain universal quality standards to provide a healthy lifestyle for all.

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