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Advanced Santizing Hand Wash 500 ml - Original

Cornells Wellness has the perfect solution for hand hygiene wherever you go… Personal hygiene is of paramount importance to restrict the main pathways of germ transmission. Use Cornells Wellness best sanitizers & offers to fight with resistance to prevent the spread of germs & viruses and protect our loved ones. Cornells Wellness Instant Hand Sanitizers help reduce the risk of infection by eliminating 99.9% germs instantly.

Obtain round the clock protection against germs & viruses with Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizers!
The best hand sanitizer company in Dubai & UAE guarantees:
– Rapid action
– Effective resistance
– Moisture retention
– Long lasting protection

Cornells Wellness Instant Hand Sanitizers are formulated to provide 99.9% protection against germs & viruses. It’s unique formulation ensures to keep your hands germ-free and well nourished. Sanitizer sprays, gels & disinfectant sprays are pharma grade and are 100% safe to use with complete adherence to the health guidelines as laid down by authorities worldwide. Cornells Wellness hand sanitizers & disinfectant sprays can help kill germs & viruses with 70% IPA alcohol while still being gentle on your hands & skin. Added Vitamin E & moisturizers further provide relief & comfort. Cornells Wellness, the leading and best hand sanitizer company in UAE offers protection without you having to wreck your wallet. So keep calm & use Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizer Sprays, sanitizer gels & disinfectant sprays.

Cornells Wellness – a trusted UK brand – offers the best hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays for your health & safety requirements. Keep yourself, your family & friends protected by staying safe with Cornells Wellness.0

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