Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectant Sprays in UAE


Germs are a widespread part of everyone’s life. Some of the bacteria are useful, but others are injurious and cause diseases such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). To ensure 100% protection against harmful germs, viruses, bacteria, diseases, it is strongly recommended to use Cornells Wellness products. Use Cornells Disinfectant Spray & Cornells Hand Sanitizer Spray to be safe & secure. Germs can be found nearly at all places in a given time. They are on our skin and on our bodies. Germs are also present on the surfaces and objects that we touch or come in contact with, therefore instead of staying away from them, which is impossible to do, we can do the next best thing which is to kill the germs that get in contact with us. Cornells Wellness disinfectant spray gets rid of 99.99% of all germs & viruses. Cornells Wellness instant hand sanitizer & Cornells Wellness instant hand sanitizer spray kills 99.99% of all germs & viruses.

To avoid becoming infected by germs, bacteria & viruses, it is important to wash your hands with soap & water. But you can’t wash your hands every time you touch something & at most times soap & water is not easily accessible at all times. So it’s very important to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and objects with Cornell’s Disinfectant Spray and take precautions where necessary. You can further lower the risk of spreading infection by using Cornells hand sanitizer regularly. Cornells Wellness UAE offers the best sanitizer in UAE and the sanitizers come in all shapes & sizes.

70% IPA in Cornells Wellness Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectant Sprays ensure that all harmful & disease-causing bodies are killed and removed. Cornells Wellness product also have moisturizers & Vitamin E to leave your hands feeling clea, fresh & comfortable. Cornells Wellness UAE, the best sanitizer company in UAE products are rigorously tested, lab-certified and acknowledged by Dubai Municipality and in accordance with all DM guidelines and follow all international standards as well.

Cornells Wellness products are available all across UAE in all pharmacies & major stores like Carrefour, Geant, Choitrams, Union Co-op, West Zone Supermarkets, Zoom, etc.

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