Cornell’s is the best hand sanitizer company in uae

Best hand sanitizer

Cornells Wellness, a trusted UK brand, has penetrated the UAE market with their collection of hand sanitizers & other hygiene-related products. A considerable amount of research & development goes into the production of Cornells Wellness progressive & cutting-edge products. All elements & components are compliant with rigorous international quality standards to provide you & your family with safety & comfort.

It’s not surprising that many people are taking extra steps & precautions to keep themselves safe, hence Cornells Wellness has earned customers trust by providing breakthrough formulas in products that help achieve astounding results. Cornells Wellness is slowly but surely becoming the best hand sanitizer company in UAE.

Cornells Wellness hand sanitizers contain 70% IPA alcohol which is well above the industry standard and is highly effective against disease-causing germs & viruses. Cornells Wellness hand sanitizers take into consideration every skin type and is loaded with moisturizers & Vitamin E to leave hands very comfortable. Cornells Wellness instant hand sanitizers come in various forms & sizes for your convenience. There are multiple options available to choose from gels, sprays & even sports sanitizers for your sports & gym equipment.

Cornells Hand Sanitizers are Pharma grade and 100% safe to use and are widely available in all pharmacies & major stores across UAE. Cornells Wellness is trusted by doctors and consumers alike to provide essential protection against common germs, bacteria and viruses. Cornells Wellness hand sanitizer range has all its products tested, lab-certified and acknowledged by international authorities. Therefore, Cornells Wellness is widely regarded as the best hand sanitizer company in Dubai, UAE which offers the best hand sanitizer products.

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