Cornells hand sanitizer and instant hand sanitizer spray

While good old-fashioned hand washing is an effective way to keep your hands germ free, sinks aren’t exactly portable, compact or mobile. Soap & water are not readily available 24/7 – the next best thing is a Cornells Wellness hand sanitizer. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is recommended officially. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is added to Cornells hand sanitizer and instant hand sanitizer spray as per industry standards and international regulations. Ofcourse, multiple researches have shown that sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of more than 60% are more effective at killing harmful bacteria, germs, viruses than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Cornells Wellness, the best sanitizer company in UAE, has a huge variety of excellent, affordable health & hygiene products that are highly effective & safe to use. From hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer sprays, disinfectant sprays to anti-bacterial hand wash, Cornells Wellness, the best sanitizer manufacturer in UAE, has got it all.

In an way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, many people are realizing the benefits of carrying a Cornells instant hand sanitizer spray with them everywhere they go. You can conveniently fit Cornells sanitizer spray into your pocket & take it where you wish. Spray the door knobs, elevator buttons, car handles, table-tops, and other surfaces that come in close contact with your hands. Portable disinfecting & hand sanitizing solutions can be a really helpful tool to prevent diseases such as COVID-19. Similar to Cornells gel sanitizer, apply enough Cornells instant hand sanitizer spray on the entire surface of both palms. Rub your hands together & ensure the wetness spread to all parts. Cornells Wellness instant hand sanitizer & Cornells Wellness instant hand sanitizer spray kills 99.99% of all germs & viruses. Cornells Wellness products also have moisturizers & Vitamin E to leave your hands feeling soft. All Cornells Wellness UAE products are rigorously tested, lab-certified and acknowledged by Dubai Municipality

Cornells Wellness products are available all across UAE in all pharmacies & major stores like Carrefour, Geant, Choitrams, Union Co-op, West Zone Supermarkets, Zoom, etc.

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